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Youth Programs !

In response to parents asking how to keep their kids safe while river tripping Green Tongue Adventures has developed an all round approach to paddle sport development and safety education for our youth.  So much of what we learn when we are young comes from discovery "let your kids do dangerous things safely" This is a forest play philosophy and reaps the rewards only living life richly can bring. 

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Safety:  Our Instructors all have their Venerable sectors check and never work alone in overnight settings. We plan for the worst and ensure the best. Ensuring safety means always being prepared (overkill) Green Tongues policies reflect best practices in redundancy and pre planning. Satellite, radio and phone communications, Medical and Shelter in place kits, Maintenance of certifications and professional development Safety is no accident. Maintaining a constant state of assessment is a necessity in the outdoor river and lake environment 

The  Experience:    Always looking to provide a positive experience we play hard and push our comfort zones to an empowering level for growth. This is an educational course with bench marks and goals achieving these. Leadership, self sufficiency, team work and overcoming challenge are fostered with a structured  approach As much as we can, we will help the students to gain skills they can bring home and teach their families.  

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What is required: A strong swimming ability is needed for these programs, Wet suits, closed toes shoes, sun and rain protection, lots of water, food and snacks. Wet suits & PFDs can be rented from GTA.  Transportation is provided with a commercial van. All programs are based out of Canmore, however established meeting places are utilized for overnight programs. Overnight programs supply tents, meals and transportation. 

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