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Let's Break it Down

Paddling is basically a push pull effect on the craft you may be maneuvering. Over a day or multiple days it is possible to complete hundred and thousands of paddles strokes. If it is done improperly it can cause injury and result in loss of power or effectiveness


Regardless of level of the student, our skills courses start from the foundation and builds upon the basics. We take the time to assess the mechanics and technics that a student has. From there we look at some opportunities to manage any bad habits or challenging body mechanics. 

No less important than paddle stroke technique is reading currents. With the approach of less is more, we establish an understanding of working with currents. Throwing dogma out and incorporating a strong, guide to discovery approach, we successfully and safely bring students to levels of understanding and skill. 


Typical Progressions

Once the group gets on the water 

  • Paddle stroke assessment and refinement

  • Boat dynamics and effect

  • Maneuvers and performance timing

  • Rescue: self rescue and companion rescue

  • Intro to current 

  • Maneuvers in current

  • Navigating descents and river travel

  • Utilizing river features

  • Attainments and micro current utilization

  • Advanced: surfing and side surfing

  • Advanced: offside maneuvers

  • ETC. ;)


"After taking your course I have enjoyed the most sustainable power and skill over a summer of paddling. My forward stroke improvement was key"

Neil Hartling

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