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Standard  Operating Procedures

As an agent for Rescue Canada, Green Tongue Adventures uses the most common utilized techniques for our Swift Water Rescue courses along with incorporating innovation and improvisation.

We utilize case studies and reports to prioritize the skills we practice. Just like in Emergency Medicine, there has been a lot of treatments practiced because it seemed like the right thing to do. We take those things and add some research to implement the techniques that work while still offering all the skills for a complete set of tools. 

Swift Water Rescue

Swift Water Rescue Level 2

Two days of progression from swimming to entrapment drills this is the minimum for professionals working near moving water. 

Swift Water Rescue Level 3

This level is the standard for river guides and groups who work on or in the water. Building on the basics more detail on mechanical advantage is included as well as scenarios

Swift Water Rescue Level 4

This course is designed for groups who are focused on searches, recoveries, night operations, higher class of water operations and advanced ropes. 

Recreational River Safety

For recreational paddlers that want to gain confidence while paddling with their friends and family. From swimming techniques to self rescue and companion rescue to equipment retrieval and first aid considerations. 

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