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Green Tongue Adventures



Green Tongue Adventures

Paddling involves a push-pull action on the watercraft being navigated, with the potential for hundreds or thousands of paddle strokes in a single day. Incorrect paddling techniques can lead to injuries and reduce power and efficiency.


Our skills courses cater to students of all levels, starting from foundational principles and progressing through basic skills. We carefully evaluate each student's mechanics and techniques, addressing any bad habits or difficult body mechanics along the way.


Equally crucial to paddle stroke technique is understanding water currents. By adopting a "less is more" philosophy, we focus on grasping the dynamics of currents. Embracing a guide-led discovery approach, we effectively and safely help students achieve higher levels of understanding and proficiency.

Green Tongue Adventures


  • Getting on the water

  • Paddle stroke assessment and refinement

  • Boat dynamics and effect

  • Maneuvers and performance timing

  • Rescue: self rescue and companion rescue

  • Intro to current

  • Maneuvers in current

  • Navigating descents and river travel

  • Utilizing river features

  • Attainments and micro current utilization

  • Advanced: surfing and side surfing

  • Advanced: offside maneuvers

  • And more....

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