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Shuttle  Service  From Calgary Airport available With Expedition  Bookings. Call Today! +1 403-679-1011


Fundraising Initiatives


Book a program and invest in the community 

1.) Book any programs and integrated in the price is the cost of a t-shirt that $25 will be donated to local intiatives 

2.) Buy any branded Item from the shop and the proceeds will go to local initiatives

3.) Watch for contests, compete to win gear. A kind of a pay it forward concept. 

Green Tongue Adventures

Free  Skills

Free Skills Sessions

  • First Wednesday of June, July & August.
    By Food Bank Donation 

Green Tongue Adventures
Green Tongue Adventures
2024 River Clean up Challenge 

Spend some time cleaning up your favourite paddling area, post it on soccial media and tag 


You will be entered to win a Kookatat HustleR rescue PFD.

Green Tongue Adventures


We work closely with the following organizations. Proudly delivering content, providing training as well as collaborating with all these friends. 

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