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The safe route  down the river is the   "Green Tongue"

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Shuttle  Service  From Calgary Airport  Available With Expedition  Bookings.    

Green Tongue Adventures is an outfitting and outfitting company that specializes in getting people on the water. The training we provide is focused on empowerment and building confidence

Specializing in:

  • Fully Catered expeditions Local to Southern Alberta. 

  • Canoe Skills

  • Wilderness First Aid and River Safety

  • Leadership and Team Building

  • Customizable content specialized for your group, boating discipline (Raft, SUP, Kayak, Canoe)

Local Canoe Expeditions


Fully outfitted and catered! Chose from all the local favorites:

  • Kootenay-Intermediate Class 3

  • Milk River Writing on Stone Park Explorer - beginner/novice

  • Brazeau- Intermediate Grade 3 

  • North Saskatchewan-Beginner & Novice

Raft supported a la cart support services. Shuttles included. Interprovincial transport van.  

Swift Water Rescue and Safety


Learning technical skills can be overwhelming for students. Success comes from building solid foundations though easy to grasp key concepts and reinforcing them in proven progression. Gain new skills by leaving dogma behind with safety minded simple solutions.

Wilderness First Aid

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We have partnered with WMA to offer the full complement of Wilderness first aid levels. This includes occupational CPR and first aid courses. WMA directly works with and follows best practices and guide lines set out by  the Wilderness Medical Society. WMA also only uses experienced professionals, doctors, nurses and paramedics to deliver their curriculum.


Paddle Canada  Instructor courses 

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Paddle Canada is the national standard for instructors and guides! Our Instructor trainers have decades of experience. feel confident that not only will you be able to build on your skills but also get the tools to effectively lead, train and teach your clients to their own learning styles and skill levels. 

Youth Camps


From flat water to the river. Young paddlers will learn the skills to maneuver their own boats working with their partners. They will gain an understanding of how water and currents work. Build a safety skill set to be confident and make good decisions. Learn skills for self  rescue and companion rescue. Ultimately bringing home the skills and knowledge to lead the family to the river.

Paddling skills courses

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For the family: The best way to get into remote settings with the family is on the water. We can help build confidence by  giving you easy and practical skills, and help you build your tool box for planning a safe and fun trip. 

For couples: Getting in a canoe with your bestie can be one of the best ways to escape together. But when the going gets tough understanding each others roles and having the ability to communicate well is essential. Team building at its best. 


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Who is Green tongue

Our Story

Green Tongue Adventures is owned and operated by myself, Clayton Williams. As a 20 year resident of Canmore and growing up in Calgary I have maintained a presence and a love for the local rivers and natural places southern Alberta has. I am a full time Advanced Care Paramedic here in Canmore, lucky father of two youngsters and an inspiring wife. I started working in aquatics and the outdoor leadership space since I was old enough to work. White water boating caught my imagination some time in highschool. Working different jobs, Lifeguarding, bike carrier, wildland firefighter etc. I decided to commit to a carreer in the outdoors after completing the  M.A.S.T. program out of Fernie, my wife and I moved to Canmore so I could pursue training to be a climbing guide. That quickly dissipated as we had taken jobs Raft Guiding in the summer. I was Lucky enough to quickly work with the British Military in their Adventurous Training program here in the Bow Valley. This was such a great job! Putting so many students through a white water program over the course of ten summers, and some winters in Belize, developed my leadership skills in the white water setting to where I became comfortable enough to know what iI know. Over the last ten years I have been sharing with other white water professionals as an instructor trainer for Paddle Canada, Rescue Canada and now I am excited to add Wilderness First Aid to my endorsed expertise to share to other outdoor professionals. 

As I have had the opportunity to train river professionals in the last ten years I have access to some of the the best local guides and instructors. Together we work to provide a comprehensive experience and a safe place to push the boundaries for each group and individual.  

  • I bring over 20 years in river guiding and aquatics safety and rescue. My team holds some of the most advanced skills and experience available 

  • Advanced Care Paramedic

  • Wilderness Medical Associates Instructor 

  • Crisis Management

  • WMS Diploma in Mountain Medicine 

  • Wilderness Advanced Life support.  

  • Swift water/Ice Rescue Instructor 

  • Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer

  • River and Ice Safety.



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Client Testimonials


"Claytons depth in knowledge and life of experience has proven to be indispensable bringing us back to him season after season"

Nahanni Wild / Canadian River Adventures


"I took a white water instructor canoeing course from Clayton. He is a thoughtful teacher, a strong coach and is able to capitalize capitalize on teachable moments in dynamic environments"

Sarah Harvie

_kelly beaton

Clayton's instructional technique was thorough and very experiential - the majority of the learning took place while doing. We found him to be knowledgeable and provide very useful and timely feedback. His safety conscious approach was greatly appreciated. During the course, he was able to gage the skill levels of the participants and choose appropriate river features to challenge and push each individual. We will definitely continue to use him as an instructor.


Over the fifteen years Clayton has worked for and with me he has proven his quality and  professionalism. Its always a pleasure having him here.

Dereck Holmes. 

Special Adventure Services