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Banff Canoe Expeditions
Kootenay River

A local favorite! The Kootenay river holds a special place in the heart of our river community. A free flowing mountain river abundant with wild life and white water. This continuous river has some challenging wave trains and rock gardens with calm sections between each of the more significant sets. There are deep canyons and waterfalls as well as eagles and abundant fishing opportunities. 

This trip comes with training for those who may be less experienced.

The first day, if required, can involve a day of training to build on skills and prepare for the trip. This training holds a morning of flat water and an afternoon of river time. We will review self rescue, companion rescue, stroke improvement, manoeuvers and river running strategies. 

Additionally we can supply raft support to make the trip more accessible to kids or people that may require more support. A raft as an addition can support up to four kids under 13 or two adults. This may require an additional guide in which the cost will be added to the base price. 

Depending on if the group chooses to take the day of training the trip start location will be different.  Every day you can expect some level of white water, beautiful scenery and established campsites. 

Camping in Banff
Brazeau  River 6 days
Brazeau   Helicopter  Expedition   8 days


Experience one of the last truly remote mountain rivers with in half a days drive of Calgary or Edmonton.  A truly challenging river with three distinct phases of travel. Continuous white water that ends with a spectacular canyon and slick rock water falls. Wildlife viewing opportunities include, Bears, Moose, Deer, Elk and Beaver. 

This trip includes two days of training on the Kananaskis River. 

Six Days: From the forestry trunk road to Brazeau Dam

Eight Days:Due to the remoteness of this trip a helicopter is required for the extended trip, Enjoy a short flight from our  staging to the put in. Then relax and have a snack while we get our gear ready. 

Over the first three days expect challenging white water (up to class 3), canyons, slot canyon side hikes  and water falls. The nature of the river here includes pushy corners, wave trains and ledge features. There are consistent sections that hold some great paddling and excitement.  

The following three days will provide more challenging sections through complex braided channels. 

Finally the last day is a beautiful paddle across Brazeau reservoir. 

This is a challenging river requiring intermediate skill. Our canoe outfitting provides the ability to run this river with more security and safety. 

Banff Canoe Expeditions
Banff Canoe Epeditions
Banff Canoe Expeditions
Banff Canoe Expeditions
Milk River and Writing on Stone  Explorer


A great start for beginners and families. The Milk River is a low volume and slow moving river, however there are some rapids, up to class II that add some excitement.  This trip offers sand stone canyons and hoodoo walls, grass lands and rolling hills. This is a great place to learn with an easy start then building features leading to the class 2 rapids. The wild life viewing opportunities include Great Horned Owls, Burrowing Owls, Hawks, Badgers, Foxes, and the Yellow Belly Marmot. This is one of the last areas where the North American grassland remained intact along with its ecology. 

What to Expect

Day One: An easy start to the trip with a river side lunch and cruisy safety talk. our first nights camp will be at Cold Springs camp ground. This camp ground offers showers and flush toilets. 

Day Two will see more consistent class 1&2 low volume rapids. As the river carves deeper into the landscape there are more prominent sandstone walls and canyons. An exciting day as the challenge builds and the landscape becomes increasingly more impressive. The second night camping is done at Poverty Rock. Another comfortable camp site with shelters and outhouses. This site is maintained by Alberta Parks and is a beautiful place to spend the night. 

Day Three starts off with a short hike in search of petroglyphs and then a full days paddle into Writing on Stone National Park. There we will set up camp in another beautiful camping facility again complete with a store, showers and plumbing. 

Day Four take some time to enjoy the park and then meet up with your scheduled interpreted tour highlighting the cultural and natural significance of the area. 

Banff Canoe expeditions
Banff Canoe Expeditions

Canoe  Expeditions  and Raft support expeditions near Banff:

We specialize in supporting groups on the water. We Love Canoeing.....and rafting.....and SUPing.........and kayaking!
let us make your trip easy by supporting your group with all the fixings. If you SUP we can bring the gear with raft support. Kayaking? raft support! New to canoe tripping-raft support!
The Outfitting:
Our canoes are complete in their outfitting. The kitchens are fully stocked with cast iron, fire boxes, stoves, dishes, cutlery and everything else. 
The Guides:
Experience and training, connection and understanding. We love to share and empower people. Throughout the trip we will help build your skill as a paddler and camper, we will establish your goals early and help you achieve them, especially goals of relaxation.!
The Food :
Classic camp menus. We use fire and cast iron to serve up fresh, hearty and delicious meals meant to reenforce the experience. We enjoy the ability to provide gluten and soy free meals. The Green Tongue household is very source conscious and. It is important that we fuel our spirits through whole foods. 
The  Logistics:
Gas prices are through the roof! We can provide transport from a central location to reduce our footprint as a hole and save you money! Our van and bus are commercially inspected biannually and is a very safe option. No complicated shuttles. 
The Water:
Local favorites. River and lake tripping is the product and it speaks for itself. We utilize the Kootenay River, the Milk River, the North Saskatchewan River, The upper and lower Reddeer River, the Brazeau River, the Elk River. 
We also use the Spray Lakes Barrier lake and Upper Kananaskis lakes for programs and overnight options.


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