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Counting on another great training season

At the start of every new year I always start thinking about the up and coming spring and summer. Looking forward I get excited by the possibilities that every season brings. What clients will I have returning and what new clients will I meet. Teaching canoeing and river safety has given me the the ability to maintain a presence in the river industry and while managing a busy home life. While I am working full time on the ambulance in my home town of Canmore Alberta and keeping up appearances at home as super dad and loving husband the river still calls and so does my love of teaching. Though I am no longer guiding groups myself I have the privilege of working with very seasoned river guides along with the new guides that come every year.

Every season gets busier and busier and last year was no exception. Running 5 canoe instructor courses and another 5 swift water rescue courses was a challenge. And not only that, but the size of the classes were huge. With so many students of all levels the learning happens for everyone. I was intimidated, I hoped to provide quality to the quantity. And after each group I continued to gain confidence as I was able to provide each and every student with some new feedback, goals and technical skill. And still I continue to learn.

Here is to another season! I hope to again push my comfort zones with new and renuew opportunities.


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